“Inhumans” Trailer

They are calling it Game of Thrones with powers. I have not personally indulged in the “fan”nomena that is Game of Thrones but I am very familiar with all its’ dragonly awesomness (I know, I know, how can I call myself The TV Blerd and haven’t seen GOT. Fuck off, you don’t know my life). Been a new fan of the “Inhumans” comic I’m all here for this show. It has everything I love, superpowers, royal family drama, a huge CGI alien dog, seriously who wouldn’t want to check this show out?screen_shot_2017-05-05_at_06-43-02

Get this not only will this show be a look into yet another world in the Marvel universe but it will do so in IMAX. When Inhumans premiere on September 1 of this year it will be premiering the first two episodes at IMAX theaters and will play for 2 weeks before premiering on ABC September 29th. They really trying for the gimmicks (take my money now, please?). Check out the trailer below. Let us know what you think of the trailer in the comments. Join the Conversation and Keep Watching.

~Orson T.


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