Black Lightning Trailer is Everything!!!

The trailer for The CW’s “Black Lightning was released today at the 2017 Upfronts and it is everything that we would want out of a superhero. From the moment I heard about Black Lightning coming to The CW I was immediately excited. Not only is this a black superhero but it’s one whose backstory isn’t tragic and lonely. This trailer shows Jefferson Pierce as a loving husband and father. Someone who cares not only for his family but for his community. Not only that but he totally kicks ass!!! The fight scenes from in this trailer alone are way better than the other CW DCTV shows. One thing that I was very curious about was if his daughters were somehow going to show signs of having powers also. Guess what, they do. But enough of my excitement for the show check out the trailer and drop a comment below of what you think of the trailer. Are you going to tune in?

~Orson T.

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