“LOVE” Returns for Season 2 on Netflix

Season 2 of Netflix’s Love premieres March 10. If you haven’t watched Season 1 you need to sit down and binge watch it this weekend. It’s so good! The show is actually from writer,director Judd Apatow. If you don’t recognize the name you will surely recognized movies that he has written and/or directed. These credits include Knocked Up, 40-Year Old Virgin, and Pineapple Express. If you are a fan of those comedies then you will most likely enjoy this show. 

Love synopsis:

When his cheating girlfriend leaves him, people-pleasing nice-guy Gus (Paul Rust) moves into a trendy apartment complex inhabited by lots of college students. A chance encounter introduces him to wild-child Mickey (Gillian Jacobs), also recently single, and who despises her job in radio. Though wildly different, the two are drawn to each other, and in the end, their differences may be what help them figure out just what love is.



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