The CW has a gem that I just don’t hear enouh people talking about and that my friends is Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend follows Rebecca Bunch Rachel Bloom) a Jewish New York lawyer who has a breakdown when offered a partnership. Things change when she bumps into her ex-boyfriend and first love, Josh Chan (Vincent Rodriguez), on the street. Rebecca never truely got over Josh and decides the happiness that she was looking for could be with Josh so she decides to move to Josh’s home town of West Covina, CA.

Being a Global Globe and Emmy Award Winning Show it has to be worth the watch, right? Well it is!!! Even if musicals aren’t your thing you will still be entertained. The show is not crowded with musical numbers nd they come at the most unpredictable times.

In a recent episode of the show Rebecca is upset about losing both the men in her life, Josh and Greg (Santino Fontana) and she can’t help but to think about all the  “fun” that they had in her apartment. Greg and Josh do an amazing tap dance number about everywhere that they “tapped” that in Rebecca’s apartment.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend comes on Friday’s on The CW.

~Orson T. @ogtvblerd


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