TRAILER: FX’s Legion

The new trailer for FX’s Legion is out and I’m getting so excited for the premiere in February. If you are not familiar with Legion aka David Haller then you don’t know that he is an Omega-level mutant and the son of our favorite wheelchaired telepath Charles Xavier. He possesses hundreds of mutant abilities ranging from telekinesis to reality warping, but each power is controlled by a different persona trapped in his head.


Even though we’ve seen small glimpses of his different powers in the mini trailers that FX has released I think this new trailer truly depicts the chaos behind David’s powers. From the dishes in the kitchen exploding from cabinets, cars falling out the sky, and people disintegrating you really see how out of control his powers are. Check out the trailer below and let me know if you are interested in seeing what FX does with an X-Men character.

~Orson T.



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