TRAILER: CW’s “The Originals” Season 4 Trailer

At San Diego Comic Con last week the season 4 trailer for “The Originals” was released. I liked the trailer but it really didn’t make me excited for the next season. EXCEPT for the reveal at the end. Even though I get a sick twisted trill out of spoilers I’ll let you watch the trailer before I talk about the “reveal”.

So I don’t know about you but that 5 sec moment with Hope and Hayley completely made up for the lack of new information during the rest of the “SNEAK PEAK”.

The thing that I’m not sure about is the 5 year time jump. It was obvious that the time jump was inevitable since sister show,¬†The Vampire Diaries, committed to a¬†3 year time jump at the end of last season. Even with the Mikaelsons being trapped in the “dream world” created by Freya I did not expect a 5 year jump. This makes me nervous that we won’t be getting a TVD/Originals crossover. I hope I’m wrong because I look forward to those crossovers.

The Originals will premiere midseason this year.

What did you think of the season 4 “Sneak Peak”?


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