The CW Dumps Sidechick, Hulu, for a Commitment with Netflix

The people over at the CW are making some supersized changes, and no I’m not talking about Supergirl making the switch from CBS, that’s yesterday’s news. For the fans of shows like The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Crazy Ex-girlfriend,   and other CW favorites who are used to #laterwatching on Hulu will no longer have that option.The CW isn’t going to renew its in-season agreement withHulu.

Hulu wished to gain in-season stacking rights to CW shows meaning that they wanted to be able t show more than the “rolling five” episodes. The CW  wasn’t having that, saying that in-season stacking would take away from the value of complete seasons undermining the Netflix deal.

So this means no more #laterwatching on Hulu but don’t worry the CW App will still have the “rolling five” episode format and will be expanding to be available on 80 million devices. So #laterwatchers you can relax you don’t have to wait for the season to come out on Netflix or worst, Blue-Ray.

Here’s some good news for those people who actually like to wait for the end of the season to binge watch the whole thing.With the new deal that the CW  andNetflix made with each other the new seasons will become available 8 days after the season finale. Which, I guess is good news if you really like to wait until after a season is done to rejoin humanity.

The superhero shows on the CW  brought a lot of success to the network and I’m sure quite a few subscribers to Hulu.  The ball may have dropped the ball by Huluon this one, but I think they will soon realize this when their numbers are lower next year. Sorry guys ya’ll shouldn’t have been so episode hungry.

Tell me what you think about Hulu no longer streaming CW shows?

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