RUSH HOUR – Meet the New Carter and Lee

I know everyone’s excited for the return of “Empire” tonight, I can’t wait to see what happens with Hakeem’s betrayal, but that’s not the premiere that has my curiosity on ten. Tomorrow the Rush Hour TV series premieres on CBS. When the trailer was first released last year it seemed like a horribly unfunny carbon copy of the trailer for the Rush Hour movie. I was not about it, Justin Hires (Det. Carter) just seemed like a caricature of Chris Tucker and Jon Foo (Lee) seemed to be missing that charisma that we love about Jackie Chan. Now that the premiere’s a little over 24 hrs away my feelings haven’t changed one bit. This show should not happen! Of course since the leads are to minorities I will be watching to support the cause (Fist Up lol). If the numbers for the opening weekend of Batman v. Superman have taught us anything it’s that people are now prone to watch things just to see how bad it is. I will be the first to admit it if my predictions about the show are wrong and Rush Hour actually turns out to be quality television but I don’t think CBS should worry about much traffic for this show (HA! See what I did there). Check it out for yourself tomorrow night on CBS and enjoy this promo from the show.



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