Miss Piggy Channels Queen B

Recently ABC released a list of more than 10 shows with early renewals for next season. One show that wasn’t on that list, that should have been, was “The Muppets”. Even though the show just had it’s season finale you can stream the whole season on Hulu. I HIGHLY! HIGHLY! recommend that watch it and do it soon because there’s still time to get a renewal for “The Muppets”. Check out this scene from of Miss Piggy channelling her inner Bey. It’s moments like this that make “The Muppets” such an amazing show. Its smartly funny and has a slight more edge to to the content. On top of that the talent behind the Muppeteers are unrivalled. The things they are able to portray on this show with puppets makes you appreciate a rare art form. But enough of my babble like I said check it out. You will not be disappointed.


#themuppets #misspiggy #beyonce #singleladies #queenb #abc #kermit #disney #goodtv #bingeworthy #renewthemuppets #hulu


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