Unless you have kids or you’re a big kid yourself, then you probably haven’t heard that Simba and his pride are back on the prowl. The recent Disney Channel original movie The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar will launched the beginning of the next chapter for The Lion King saga. On Jan. 15 the TV series will pick up where the movie left off following Simba’s (Rob Lowe) son, Kion (Max Charles), and his Lion Guard. Kion, being the second born lion of the reigning king, is giving the task of gathering the fastest, fiercest, strongest, bravest lions in the pack to join the Lion Guard, but Kion decided to enlist some non-lion friends. Fuli (Diamond White), the cheetah, Beshte (Dusan Brown), the hippopotamus, Ono (Atticus Shaffer), the egret, and Timon and Pumba’s adoptive nephew, Bunga (Joshua Rush), the honey badger, make up the mixed bag of animals that is the new Lion Guard.   


 I haven’t had a chance to check out the new movie but I’m sure it’s a great one for the family to watch together. You know that we at The Orson Report have a soft spot in our hearts for black actresses and one of our favorites will be supplying her voice for the show. Gabrielle Union lends her voice to Nala, Kion’s mom. This fact alone will get me to support a few episodes of the show. Hey I’m a big kid. Also along for the hunt is Eden Riege as Kiara, Kion’s older sister, Kevin Schon and Ernie Sabella as Timon and Pumba, and Gary Anthony Williams as the spirit of Mufasa. Take a gander at the trailer for the series below…


Tell me what you think about the new Pride Rock adventure that awaits us in 2016? Are you going to tune in and check it out?

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