“Fuller House” Teaser

On Feb. 26th for the first time in 20 years we are all welcomed back in the home of one of America’s favorite families, the Tanners. The house gets fuller as widowed DJ Tanner moves back into her childhood home to raise her three boys. She’s not in it alone though best friend, Kimmie Gibbler, and sister, Stephanie Tanner, move in to help her raise her boys. Sounds familiar? Yea its pretty much the same premise as the original “Full House”. Hopefully the reboot warms our hearts as much as the original did. Not going to lie by the end of the trailer I had THEE biggest grin on my face. Checkout the teaser for the upcoming series.


Are you excited to see what the Tanners have been up to for the past 20yrs?

“Fuller House” premieres on Netflix Feb. 26th.

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