Now that kids of the 90’s are at the age of having offspring of their own it would seem like our childhood is behind us but since the 90s were so great why not bring them back. After the success of TeenNick’s programming block “The 90s are All That” Nickelodeon has decided to reboot many of their classic 90’s cartoons Rugrats, Wild Thornberry’s, Rocko’s Modern Life, etc. The first to be brought back will be our favorite football shaped head 4th grader and his diverse classmates at PS-118 and the colorful residents at his grandparents boarding house for a ‘Hey Arnold’ tv movie.

The tv movie will pick up exactly where we left the series. It is said that the movie  is going to answer questions that were never really answered in the series run. One question for sure that will be explored is the truth behind what happened to Arnold’s parents. The question that we all had but after all these years do we still care? Should this be another reboot that shouldn’t happen or is this just what was missing on tv?


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