So recently I came across a new show that I just can’t get enough of, it’s everything I didn’t know I wanted to see on television. Not only is it HE LARRY US but get this, it’s a musical. I know what you are thinking, “Oh God, another Glee.” First, shame on you for not wanting more of Glee. Second, shame on whoever tries to compare the two. Besides genre there’s no comparison, both shows are amazing in their own rights but Glee has wrapped and it’s time for CW’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.


The show follows Rebecca Bunch (Rachel Bloom), a real-estate lawyer up for a promotion to become a Junior Partner at her law firm. Should be a joyous occasion, right? Wrong. A weird ad campaign for butter (yes, butter) asks the question, “When was the last time you were happy”, this makes her question her path in life. By chance she runs into her ex-”summer camp”boyfriend, Josh Chan (Vincent Rodriguez III). Idk if it was the boyish grin or his huge arms and chest but Rebecca becomes smitten with Josh all over again, despite the fact that he completely dumped her on the last day of camp. Josh tells Rebecca that after 8 months in New York, he can’t take the big city anymore and is moving back home to West Covina, CA to be “happy”. Rebecca was not having that, she just got him back and did not want to lose out on what could be fate. She goes back to work declines the offer for junior partner and decides she is going to move to West Covina, “the place where dreams happen,” she tells her boss right before  prancing off to perform the shows first musical number.

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when the musical number started but the campy Disney Princess-esque performance was not it at all. Unlike the covers from Glee and the broadway styled songs of Smash, this musical number is pure comedy. This is the point when you find out how truly CRAZY Rebecca is. Even in song she is in denial, trying to convince everybody,  including pretzel vendors, homeless people, a stripper name Destiny, and herself that she moved to West Covina to live the simple life and that Josh Just Happens to Live Here.

Rebecca being a successful Harvard graduate has no problem finding a law firm to hire her. Here she meets her cluelessly racist new boss, Darryl Whitefeather (Pete Gardner), and suspicious co-worker, Paula Proctor (Donna Lynn Champlin), who initially doesn’t trust Rebecca because who in their right mind with Rebecca’s qualifications would move to West Covina? Paula just doesn’t know yet that Rebecca isn’t in her right mind.

After getting settled in at her new job and new house she waste no time at “accidentally” bumping into Josh at the bar that he checked-in at on Facebook. Once there she meets Greg Serrano (Santino Fontana), an old friend of Joshs’. Greg tells Rebecca that she had just missed Josh but he was going to be at a house party later and invites her to come with him. Rebecca, excited that she going to see Josh again, accepts Greg’s invitation oblivious to the fact that Greg is in to her.

Can’t get ready for a party without another musical number and this song is completely opposite from the first. This next song is supposed to be the “sexy get ready song” so it’s a lot more Hip Hop/R&B, throw in Nipsey Hussle and you got yourself a bonafide hit, that is if the lyrics weren’t so awesomely ridiculous. This number was my favorite moment of the show.

Rebecca and Greg arrive at the party. Greg starts to get the feeling that Rebecca is more interested in finding Josh than actually being on the date with him. Rebecca tries to convince him that she’s interested by making out with him in every room of the house, lowkey hoping to run into Josh somewhere at the party. The two eventually end up in an empty bedroom, the only place that she hasn’t checked for Josh. Defeated Rebecca decides this is the perfect time for her to get her mac on with Greg and in between kissing to get some information about everything Josh. Greg reveals that Josh has a girlfriend. With tears in her eyes she tries to convince Greg and herself that she isn’t there because of Josh by going down on Greg. Reluctantly Greg stops her and offers to take the ball of hot mess that is Rebecca home. Before leaving the party they run into no other than (Dramatic Pause) PAULA!!! Yea I wasn’t expecting that either.

After intensive investigation Paula figures out Rebecca’s crazy secret but surprisingly Paula doesn’t judge, she actually offers to help Rebecca win Josh over. Of course no friendship is official without a song, the two officiate their friendship with a reprise of the first song to close the show.

The CW definitely has a good show on it’s hands. I was left wanting more and that’s always a good sign. If you want a good laugh you should check it out Mondays on the CW or watch what you missed on Hulu.


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