Time to take a trip back to Storybrook. With the Season 5 premiere just 3 days away fans of “Once Upon A Time” are highly anticipating the return. It seems like a life time ago that we left Emma being engulfed by that dark cloud making her the new Dark One, still can’t believe that happened. Just like I can’t believe this show is still on.

Even though I am a HUGE fan of the show, I didn’t expect it to make it 5 seasons. That just proves the genius behind creators Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz vision(and talent of the writing room). They have been through all the pages of our childhood storybooks giving us creative twist to the stories we thought we knew. You would think they would have used up all the stories by now, but NOPE.

With last seasons trip to Arendelle OUAT collided the new generation of fairy tales with the classics, this season will be no different. Let’s just say someone may or may not be turning into a bear.

If that’s not brave enough for you OUAT is family going to tackle its first LGBT relationship. Awhile back Mulan (Jamie Chung) was revealed to have had feelings for Aurora/Sleeping Beauty(Sarah Bolger). Mulan will be appearing on the show again this season but it’s unknown if she’s going to be the one participating in the LGBT relationship.

If that’s still not enough for you our hero’s will be taking a trip to Camelot. So you can just imagine the how epic the season is going to get.



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