You would think that the return of the Muppets on ABC would bring happiness and joy to everyone who grew up watching them. But like always some band of housewives raising bubble kids are concerned with the content of a show. That’s right someone actually believes that ABC’s new show The Muppets is too adult maybe a little dark.These moms however aren’t the only ones who feel this way I’ve read a few reviews of the pilot episode and a lot of them seem to agree with the adultness of the show. How can a show that was originally meant for adults become too adult. I’m not sure how many of these reviewers have watched any of the old Muppet movies or shows recently but I have and let me tell you they had a lot of jokes that I’m surprised they were allowed to air.

I will admit that after watching the first episode of The Muppets I was surprised with some of the changes and jokes.The first big thing that I noticed was how toned downed the Muppets were. From the calm hackling from Waldorf and Statler to the not so high strung Kermit. It started off with a very mellow tone. That’s life you get older and you mature and even though puppets have the luxury of immortality they can’t be zaney forever. Let’s be real, the people who are going to watch this show are the people who grew up watching. So out of respect for those watchers you have to give them something more evolved. Remember this is 2015 slapstick vaudeville comedy, much of what the old Muppet Show used, is not really the comedy that people respond to these days. The jokes were adult, but only adult because I’m an adult. If I was a kid I wouldn’t have understood any of the punchlines. Since I did understand the punchlines let’s just say HE LARRY US!!! Hilarious Skeeter’s snappiness to Elizabeth Banks and Fozzie being politically correct toward Bears (not the animal). I welcome this real world comedy coming from not so real characters. The only change that did not sit well was the new voice actors. Some of the voices just did not sound like the original but we can get over that just like we all can get over the fact that the Muppets have grown up and are facing real problems but still handles them in old Muppet fashion.

All and all i enjoyed the show. I believe the show is going to do well especially once it catches its’ rhythm. I just hope people remember that this isn’t The Muppet Show, Muppet Babies, or Muppets Tonight. This new muppet installment is one of it’s own and when you sit down and just let go of all your preconceived notions of what the Muppets are suppose to be and just sit down and enjoy the comedy you will be entertained.


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